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Leadership That PAYS

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Servant Leadership is a popular term used today, but I believe we need to consider finding balance in our leadership style.  It is not beneficial to your business or your staff if you exercise your “default” leadership style all the time. 

Servant leadership is a leadership philosophy in which the goal of the leader is to serve people. This is different from traditional leadership where the leader's focus is ensuring their company or organization is thriving, often to the exclusion of taking care of the people who work for them.

I happened to read a blog post by #SteveGraves, entitled “The Shepherd Leader & the Enterprise Leader.[1]”  This is a very thought-provoking article; I greatly appreciated Mr. Graves’s insight and that he gave me something to noodle on for a few days.

Then, as providence would have it, I happened to watch a Christmas movie on Amazon Prime called “Noëlle,” not the movie about Santa’s daughter, this story-line is about two Catholic Priests; one was a Shepherd Leader (one who loves and is all about the people) and the other an Enterprise Leader (one who is more concerned about the business being profitable). A perfect example, in technicolor, of the concept discussed in the blog post mentioned above.

I admit, I tend to lean a little more toward the enterprise kind of leader.  I have been guilty of being so focused on goals set for me by my leadership and/or clients that I wasn’t as thoughtful in my delivery to my staff as I should have been, and I didn’t always listen to their needs. I am actively enriching my skills to ensure I find that balance between servant and enterprise leadership.   

My God-given gift is administration; it has taken me several years to fully appreciate that gift and to realize it is not the only gift God bestows on people.  Today, I have a faith > driven company, one that is committed to caring about people (clients, staff, vendors), and our businesses enough to listen to my Heavenly Father and allow the changes in me to become the leader He has called me to be. This attitude results in leadership that pays!

I highly recommend you read the blog post for yourself, and I sincerely thank you, Mr. Graves, for your expert advice.

Does this resonate with you? If so, share your leadership style in the comments.

Please explore more transformative insights in my other blog posts.

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