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The Management Trap

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Organizing your team
Managing Staff

Yes, it's important to hire. Yes, it's important to delegate. Yes, the team makes all things possible.

However, there is something that many business owners aren't prepared for when they start hiring.

The management trap.

Let's first dig in and define what management is.

  • Management is about planning - taking a goal and turning it into an actionable plan

  • Management is about people - ensuring the right folks are on the team to execute the plan

  • Management is about process - finding the best way to get the work done

  • Management is about progress - seeing the plan through to completion and getting stuff done

It's the role of a manager to make sure the right things get done, in the right way, at the right time, and by the right people.

In the earlier days of our business journey - before we hire - the management part is pretty easy because we only have to manage ourselves!

But as we grow, and with each new hire... we have people to manage. They need communication around what is going on in the business. They need clarity around their role and what they are doing. They need support to ensure they have all they need to do their best work. They need accountability to get things done right and on time.

We also have to manage projects. We need to create systems and structures. We need strategic planning to keep everything on track.

Put simply... The bigger the business becomes, the more there is to manage.

The question is: Who is managing the team?

There is a 'rude awakening' moment with many of the early-mid to 6-figure business owners.

They hire, thinking that will free up their time and they will be able to FINALLY focus on the things they want to do in their business. Only to find that instead their days are now filled with things like:

  • Checking in with the team to make sure stuff is getting done

  • Thinking constantly about what is coming up

  • Wondering if they have the right folks on the team or not

  • Answering team questions

  • Trying to figure out the best way to get things done

  • Dealing with the 'odds and ends' that come up in the day-to-day running of the business

This is the management trap.

It's a rude awakening for many CEOs because

  • They didn't realize how much work management is and

  • They aren't very good at it!

They find it tiring, frustrating, and draining. It's taking up so much of their time that they can't focus on growing their business and doing what they do best.

When you don't purposely hire someone to help here then management will fall on YOUR shoulders. Which may not be the best thing for you, your team, or your business.

As a Certified OBM, I can take management off your shoulders - let’s talk!

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