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The Way I Help More People Daily

I live by my core values.  They serve as the litmus test for all my decisions, services, and relationships.

I call them The Goins Principle:

Generosity:  Generous with people, time, and charities

Originality:  Thoughtful solutions designed around your business and growth plans

Integrity:  Uprightness in mutual dealings and agency for others

Nerve:  Determination & fortitude -- We are strong and courageous

Sincerity:  No hypocrisy, no pretenses, honesty of mind and intention

Micah 6:9b

...act justly mercy

...walk humbly with your God

Image by Annie Spratt

Getting to Know Me

I was born during the worst of winters in a one-room house and only a wood stove to keep us warm.

​Wait, just kidding.

What is true is that while I take your business and mine very seriously, I believe that it's possible to joke around, have a little fun, and still be focused on taking care of business.  In my experience it actually boosts productivity.

I also believe in constant continual improvement, some call it the 1% rule.  We owe it to ourselves and our clients to have a well-organized back-end system, happy, well-trained staff, and high customer satisfaction scores.  These goals require that we constantly look at what and how we are performing tasks.  Even the smallest of changes can produce big results.

I have 22 years of experience working for fortune 500 consulting firms focusing on service delivery, continual improvement, and operations management.  I am the person you want in your corner.

For those interested in personality/skills assessments:

16 Personalities / JUNG / Myers-Briggs

  • INFP-T

Kolbe Index

  • 8-7-3-2


Clifton's Skills Assessment:

  • Responsibility

  • Achiever

  • Intellection

  • Belief

  • Restorative

Contact Me

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

JGO2 - About CEO
Fun Facts

The sound of waves restores my soul

Amateur Artist

My grandson's smile makes the worst of days alright again

Coffee Lover

Bluesy rock and roll is the best

Acts of generosity brings tears to my eyes...every time!

I am usually barefoot :)

JGO3 - About CEO
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