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What Does A Faith>Driven Operational Consultant Bring to the Table?

An Operational Consultant is a remotely based support professional who provides a variety of services, depending upon the goals, visions, and needs, of you, the business owner.  We can provide organizational advice and direction or we can help you manage the day-to-day operations and projects of a business. ​​

​The role of an Operational Consultant is to strategize, plan, and manage the various aspects of a business allowing you, the business owner, to focus on vision, goals, and income-producing activities that will grow your business.  

Operational Consultants support you in the leadership and management of your teams. A Faith>Driven Operational Consultant is not there just to free up your time, but to positively impact the culture and bottom line of your business.

Services Designed For Your Unique Needs

Partnering with me allows you to do what you do best!

Chess Pieces - Strategy

Professional Assessment

We start with a conversation.  You tell me about your business, where you are today, where you want to go, and those things that you feel are keeping you from accomplishing your goals.   

Information gathered during our conversation is reviewed in the context of identifying business and operational needs to meet your vision and/or goals.  Note:  This phase may also include a review of reports, processes, staff, and technical tools.

A final delivery meeting to present recommendations and facilitate interactive dialogue. 

Choices - Choose your service level

Management as a Service

Pick one or a combination of the services that will benefit your business the most:


  • Operations Management

  • Project Management

  • Team Management

  • Metrics Management

  • Strategy & Planning

Do Good Things

Executive as a Service

Monthly management, strategy and implementation services including:

  • Operations Management

  • Project Management

  • Team Management & Recruiting

  • Metrics Management

  • Systems Building & Implementation

  • Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) creation

What people are saying....

Trishia H.

“Julia Goins displayed a remarkable ability to adapt and excel.  She took the initiative to thoroughly understand the business, processes, individual roles, strengths, and areas for improvement.  Julia is a leader who prioritized getting to know each team member personally and listened to their concerns and needs.  Her exceptional communication and active listening skills are evident in her approach.

Julia’s contributions were transformative.  Recognizing the need for improved organization, she swiftly implemented structure, defined clear roles and responsibilities, and scheduled regular meetings/touch points.  These meetings were instrumental in our success, keeping us informed about crucial developments, new processes, client on-boarding, and other important updates.  She prides herself on improving processes and ensuring an excellent customer experience.

What truly set Julia apart was her dedication to making each team member feel valued and ensuring all contributions are recognized and appreciated.  She excels at fostering an environment where feedback and ideas are welcomed, and she consistently honors requests to the best of her ability.

Julia Goins is an exemplary leader with an innate ability to inspire and drive positive change, she is tireless in her dedication to our success.

Julia is a tremendous asset to any business."

Cathy S.

"I have worked with Julia Goins for five years. During that time, Julia has created a culture of support and compassion unparalleled in my experience.  Julia has a unique, solution-oriented leadership style that has transformed the morale of our team and increased productivity. In the face of adversity and strife, Julia remains a beacon of leadership from which I have never hesitated to seek guidance.

Julia has strong active listening skills, which aid in her ability to onboard clients efficiently, mitigate future hangups, and expertly navigate internal and client issues. Her technical expertise allows her to quickly grasp new products and procedures which ensure client success and internal harmony. 

I hope you strongly consider her as you move forward."

Linda R.

“I highly recommend Julia Goins | The Goins Group for their excellent service, integrity, and commitment to professionalism.”

Gary D.

"I worked with Julia Goins for nearly 10 years on both small and large projects. She is one of the most organized people I know. She is truly able to see the big picture without missing the details. When she oversees a project, you know it will stay on track."

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